baby skateaboards are hand shaped and painted by tim hudson.

i have been a skater for 20 years and making boards for 15. i love skateboarding <3 it helped me to cope with anxiety and depression, to connect with many different people, and to discover who i am and what i believe.

baby skateboards is a celebration of everything that skateboarding means to me. through the board's shapes, colors, and designs, i hope to share a vision of skateboarding that is positive and inclusive, shifting the focus away from professional athleticism and towards authentic artistic expression and a non-corporate, diy ethos <3

i offer handmade boards because i believe skateboarding deserves to be treated with love. show your love by supporting handmade boards!


accessibility: if you are interested in buying a board but can't afford one, please email me at and we can figure something out! <3

website designed and built by tim hudson

models photographed by leeash photos

boards and shirts modeled by fred gall, teresa farrell, joe apollonio, ed fischer, kiara sharde' and matt vincent

product photos by tim hudson


shipping and tax

hand shaped and painted skateboards

hand dyed and screened shirts

100% sweatshop free materials and production

<3 :)


if you are interested in buying a board but can't afford one, please email me at and we can figure something out!  <3 

shipping and tax

♺ baby skateboards are shipped using a combination of 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable packaging materials.

baby skateboards are made to order and can take up to 1 week to make.  please allow 1 week plus delivery time for orders.  skateboards are shipped via USPS.  currently, items can only be shipped within the united states.  for requests outside the u.s., please contact  an email notification will be sent when your order has shipped, including a tracking number when available.  7.8% sales tax is collected on orders within the state of mn.

baby skateboards uses only 100% sweatshop free materials produced in the u.s.